There’s no better way to move ahead than providing an education to children in need. “Education is empowerment” as it enable them to grow up as responsible citizen in the society.It  helps the children, and inculcate in them feelings of empathy and gratitude.

Every child deserves access to quality learning opportunities. But unfortunately millions of children are deprived of  basic rights of education. Over the past few years ,BJUP, focuses to work with low cost, innovative and technological spectrum in interventions. Into this, the team works on addressing gaps in education system and offer direct services that covers early, elementary and digital initiatives to ensure quality learning. BJUP, through its various initiatives, has been helping children from difficult circumstances get back to school and restart their lives with hope and smile.

At present, we are directly providing education to over 10000+ children across our areas of intervention.

We  continue to dream and work hard. With your support, we can make their dreams come true  with accessible and quality education. Let us Join hands to ensure a happy and safe childhood for all!