Education is the first and foremost right of every human being. Education stimulates the way of life in a  civilized manner, inculcates fundamental for self-respect and binds protection against societal evils. BJUP prominently focuses on Goal 4 of Sustainable Development Goals which is “Quality Education”. Amidst series of targets under Goal 4, BJUP ensures the rights of children for a ‘Free and Compulsory Education’ and is focusing on mainstreaming, quality education, non-formal education, bridge course both at school, family, and community level. BJUP program includes enrollment, retention, dropout management, promotion of peer groups to enhance the educational environment. The major intervention that BJUP has put emphasis on:

  • Quality education and environment in govt schools
  • Promotion of educational material among needy children
  • Scholarship support

With these major interventions, BJUP has gathered some reach and is on the pace to make an impact.

  • Formation of Child clubs in Urban setup and Bal Manch in Rural set up to promote the conducive educational environment.
  • A joint committee with parent-teachers with Community members to address the issues related to education.
  • Set-up of Community library to enhance interactive discussion and peer learning environment.
  • 1350 children have been mainstreamed
  • 45 community libraries established
  • 32 learning corners developed in 40 villages in Bihar & Jharkhand.