Childhood Back

Childhood are the best days of a person’s life. Happy childhood for these kids means providing an environment that nourishes and nurtures them. School gives them an opportunity to become their best. And community helps the kids stay on track. This is the challenge we face and our approach is focused on what these kids need?

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What Kids Need?

Kids need love and care to grow. They need a protective and supportive environment to grow. They need proper nutrition, which is also very important at this growing stage of life. All children deserve a happy childhood and our three-pronged approach helps in ensuring happy childhood for each of them and make their dreams come true.


Estimated 5000 Kids drop school each year for mining

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With every donation, a new smile blooms and with every free cleft lip & palate treatment in India, a new life is gifted.

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43% of the kids suffer from malnutrition

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From Malnutrition to Good Health

Monisha is the only child of Manish and Radha. Belonging to an extremely poor family in rural Bihar, she was only 1.2 Kgs at birth. Through determination of her parents and regular intervention, she is now 3.4 Kgs. She has a long way to go in this journey to full health.

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About BJUP

BJUP is an impactful social organisation involved in empowering the rural and marginalised communities through education, empowerment and advocacy. We believe that children are the future of any community, and BJUP has developed various successful community participation models that have made a lasting impact. We follow the highest standards of transparency and accountability in our processes. Hence, BJUP leads various social collaborations in the region.

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Stories from the field

Read the amazing stories of courage and transformation possible through your love and support.

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