Lockdown, against COVID-19, has been an unprecedented event in the history of the world. With this swap of life, there emerged a big transformation within the day-to-day activities of families. Sense of anxiety and fear has swathed the entire globe. Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP) along with different organizations put a forward step in the direction to extend a hand of support to the needy.

Preventive support to Front line workers and Curative support to COVID positive patients in Bihar-BJUP-Araghyam, Bangalore intervention

The first wave was not that deadly as the second wave, but where the governments were trying to cope with the loss given by the first wave, the second wave came with the emergency of proper health infrastructure and need of much important equipment to save lives. Frontline Workers had been found with the responsibility to tackle the infection, to control the lockdown restriction and to circulate proper news amongst the society.  The frontline workers are the most vulnerable segment of the professionals as their duty was never off and they were constantly deputed in the community and hence their protection from the virus is a concern of priority.  Hence, these frontline workers were found much vulnerable against the deadly infection. The government, on its part, carried out different aid projects to help them. Considering the Covid-19 circumstance in Bihar, Arghyam Bangalore and Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad, with collaboration, through its drive, framed intervention to:

  •        Prevention of frontline workers against the COVID-19 infection by providing them with 2000 N-95 masks,
  •        2000 pieces of hand sanitiser were distributed.
  •        Minimise the infection at the Vaccination and Testing centre through preventive kits and a proper sanitization facility.
  •        Provide medicine kits to mild and moderate patients.
  •        950 mild symptomatic Covid patients were reached through home quarantine for COVID treatment
  •        200 PPE Kits distributed amongst Frontline health workers/Police Personnel and Media officials.

Preventive support to Community and Curative support to COVID positive patients in Bihar-BJUP-APPI Intervention 

The highly affected areas in Bihar were recognized in the Nalanda district, especially the rural peripheries of this district. This district has been known for the massive migration of people in the metro cities and states like Maharashtra and New Delhi in search of jobs, livelihood options & other employment opportunities, and therefore it also emerged as the hotspot for COVID in the form of reverse migration.

A strategy was made in order to support 250 families, 3000 slum dwellers, 1000 migrants in our project intervention areas to prevent them from infectious exposure and provide them immediate COVID relief response. Considering the Government records, an average of 5000 people were infected with COVID 19 on daily basis, Nalanda was found highly affected by the COVID pandemic. Into this our operational plans were to focus on:

  1. Early screening of symptomatic cases
  2. Tele counselling services
  3. The virtual reach of COVID positive patients through telemedicine
  4. Nursing support
  5. Testing and diagnosis support
  6. Emergency Support-Ambulance
  7. Surveillance and real-time COVID screening through Guardian committee
  8. Home-based COVID positive care through Guardian committee
  9. Nutrition and Dry ration support to infected and affected families

Distribution of mattresses and quilts in Government and Private Health Institutions in Bihar-BJUP-KURL-ON CSR Intervention 

A strategy was made in order to support Government and Private health institutions, for better amenities for patients in the hospitals. This support was presented with the duo collaboration of Kurl-on CSR and Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP).

  • Provided 150 mattresses ensuring the delicacy of the comfort of patients in the hospital.
  • Provided 75 quilts ensuring the fulfilment of needs of the patients in the hospital

Children Resilience building and Socio-Economic Well-being of COVID affected (Orphan or lost either father or mother). Children in Six districts of Bihar (Patna, Gaya, Nalanda, Nawada, Sheikhupura and Jamui)

A strategy was made in order to support the children whose parents or either of them died due to the outburst of the deadly virus. This is a collective effort of BJUP with different departments of Government to extend our reach to such vulnerable children and to support them with:

  • Psychosocial wellbeing,
  • Immediate dry food support, and
  • Will facilitate Children re-enrolment process. The Project will work in close coordination with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) for respective districts and will adhere to all prescribed regulations of CWC on child protection. The Project will link the identified children to Government supported COVID related schemes and other relevant government flagship programmes.

Intensified COVID Vaccination coverage in Bihar Sharif, Giriyak and Rajauli of Nalanda and Nawada districts of Bihar state

A mega vaccination campaign was organized in Bihar Sharif, Giriyak and Rajauli of Nalanda and Nawada districts of Bihar state on 2nd October 2021, with a purpose to vaccinate people on a large scale, wherein BJUP played a crucial role in creating awareness about vaccines and their camps amongst the rural areas and presented itself as a myth-buster and also collaborated with different government health institutions.