Woman empowerment is  process of reflection and action towards raising self-esteem,confidence,consciousness and encouraging women to access their entitlements and to improve the health and quality of community life.

when a woman enters the economy and starts earning money, it transforms their position not just in the household, but transforms  and lead their local communities.Due to the discrimination for ages in our society,women lack awareness of their surroundings and find it difficult to portray their true potential, thus developing a feeling of powerlessness.

With the vision to end all forms of gender -based discrimination ,Our programs inculcate the gender empowerment extensively to enhance the capabilities and skills of the women. Our organization empower them to access the benefits from  government schemes related to livelihood,health, nutrition, education and skill development. We provide technical  support to the marginalized women to ensure the women’s participation and active engagement with PRI and village, block, and district level government departments gives them them sense of self-worth and enhance the ability to take decision at household and community level.

So far, 2000+ adolescent and women empowered through our initiatives.

Let us all join hands in the journey  to make her  self reliant, self confident and self dignified  and  Empower, educate, and make her strong to stand her own ground and shine in her efforts. She Can Fly, let’s give her the sky!