A secure and sustainable livelihood helps people get out of poverty. While employment opportunities has always been a challenge for the youth and women of  under-privileged communities.

With the vision to build models of alternative livelihood,we work in rural livelihood transformation which  involves shifting their attitudes by finding ways to improve income sources, teaching them self-sustaining skills and creating ways specially among youth and women of  poor communities can have a steady income stream. Over time, a steady income helps them save for unforeseen events and be a buffer against being pushed back into poverty.

We also disseminate information needed to engage effectively with government authorities to empower communities with the secure livelihood. We also help them access government programs and other entitlements as citizens. The BJUP Team   aim for a holistic and positive change in their social, psychological and economic status to enable to access basic of life: food, shelter and education.

Over the years, we have directly impacted the lives of more than 2000 individuals through livelihood and skill development Programs.

We are grateful   to our supporters and donors who have helped touch the lives of many. You too can make change in the community by supporting our initiatives.