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Abhishek Bhartiya
General Secretary

Abhishek Bhartiya serves as the General Secretary of Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP), a non-profit organization based in Bihar, India. Established in 1986, BJUP focuses on various social causes, including education, health, livelihood, women's empowerment, child protection, and bridging societal disparities. Abhishek, with a Master's degree in Rural Development and 15 years of experience in the development sector, specializes in monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization, and networking. Abhishek has played a pivotal role in guiding BJUP since 2008, working closely with international, national, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) partners. He strives to foster empathetic relationships while aligning BJUP's strategy, vision, and mission with its core values. Additionally, Abhishek is a founding member of VISHWASH and NARMADA, state-level networks focusing on water and sanitation. He has also been associated with various networks such as the National Council for Protection of Child Rights, Bihar & Jharkhand Sustainable Action on Mica (BJSAM), and the Global Mica Committee. Recognized for his contributions, Abhishek received the Best Organization in Nawada award for Livelihood Promotion in 2011 and the Jagran Siksha Samman in 2012. Throughout his career, Abhishek has firmly believed in the importance of civil society engaging compassionately and empathetically with marginalized individuals, treating them as equals, and empowering them to discover their own strengths and voices.

Alpan Kumar Sinha
Manager: Program Quality and Fundraising

Alpan Kumar Sinha, is working as Manager, Program Quality and Fund Raising with Bhartiya Jan utthan Parishad (BJUP).He is responsible for achieving the quality standards across the intervention and Fund Raising. He provides technical and operational support inputs for the effective implementation of all projects of the organization. He design, implement, and monitor the field activities, and provide need-based mentoring and guidance to the project team to fill the gaps. He supports in quality documentation of project activities reports and develop case studies. He also develops new Concept Notes and Project Proposals on Health and Education Issues and submits the same to perspective donors. He is a Graduate in Political Science Honors from ST. Xavier’s College, Ranchi and Post Graduate in Rural Development from Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi, and Jharkhand. Alpan has more than 25 years of experience in the Development Sector. He has more than 12 years of experience in the area of Education. He has worked with different National and international Level NGOs such as Bihar Voluntary Health Association (BVHA), Help Age India, Pathfinder International, Centre for Catalyzing Change (C3) etc. in the past. He has enriched his practical knowledge on Sexual and reproductive health & problems and issues of women and youth in urban spaces.

Raushan kumar
Program Manager, Implementation

Raushan Kumar is a seasoned professional with a robust background in program implementation, having over 10 years of valuable experience in leadership roles. His academic foundation is grounded in a master's degree in Psychology, a field that has significantly contributed to his understanding of human behavior and social dynamics. Throughout his career, Raushan has demonstrated a keen interest and expertise in the realm of child rights, care, and protection. This focus showcases his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals, particularly children, by ensuring their rights are upheld and their well-being is safeguarded. In his leadership roles, Raushan has honed his practical knowledge, displaying a proficiency in designing and executing programs that contribute to the overall betterment of communities, especially in areas related to child welfare. His experience has likely exposed him to a diverse range of challenges and opportunities, allowing him to develop a strategic and solution-oriented approach to program implementation. At Present Raushan is working as Program Manager, Implementation at BJUP.

Binod Kumar Ojha
Finance Manager

A Master in Commerce, MBA in Finance from Symbiosis and certified in Financial Reporting System, Binod specializes in Strategic Management Consulting and Global Grant Management. His expertise lies in supporting financial operation which includes donor accounting and internal- external audit process. Binod leads the finance section at BJUP. He brings the vast experience in managing and implementing financial systems, administrative processes, training in financial systems, and ensuring the statuary compliance of the organization are always met. Binod has worked with various national -level civil society organizations and has effectively managed finance projects in the fields of education, health and livelihood over several decades.

Sumit Shekhar
Program Manager, Strategic building and networking

Sumit Shekhar has an impressive academic and professional background focused on social sciences and development studies. He holds a Masters in Population Studies from the International Institute for Population Sciences and another Masters in Social Work from Banaras Hindu University. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from IIT (BHU), Sumit has engaged in evidence-based policy research, particularly focusing on the intersection of identity, empowerment, innovation, and sanitation. His research interests span various critical areas such as migration in urban settings, gender disparities in water and sanitation, and the role of innovation in sustainable sanitation systems. Sumit's contributions to academia include published papers and a book chapter, showcasing his expertise in data management, analysis, interpretation, management and qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.In his professional journey, Sumit began in the development sector in 2016 with HCL Foundation, working towards rural upliftment. Currently serving as a Program Manager-Strategic Building and Networking at Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP), he plays a crucial role in programmatic initiatives, project development, and implementation, showcasing his skills in operations, problem-solving, interpersonal communication, and critical thinking.

Prakash Avishek Tiwari
Program Manager, HRDP

Prakash is a committed and results-oriented development sector specialist with a master's degree in rural management and a great passion for bringing about constructive social change. With more than 14 years of experience in the banking and development sectors, Prakash is an expert in gender, livelihood, education, health and child protection. He has a proven track record of delivering effective solutions in a variety of cultural contexts, and in his current role at BJUP, he is skilled at creating and implementing sustainable development projects, forming strategic partnerships, and advocating for marginalised communities. He is also committed to fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and resilience in underserved regions.

Nivedita Mishra
Manager Communication and Documentation

Nivedita is Passionate about making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and this passion drives her as a seasoned Humanitarian Professional in development sector with over 7 years of work experience in Planning, developing and implementing effective communication strategies and provide technical support across all interventions of the organization. Nivedita has been proactively working for 7 years, documenting programs, Annual Report and writing on the many facets of the organizations work .Her core expertise involves documenting various communications, training learning materials and other Resource information. Nivedita holds Master’s in sociology from Patna University. Soon after her post-graduation, she began to work in the development space because of her inclination toward building a sustainable & equitable community. Heath, Nutrition, Education and Child protection are some prominent areas that remain close to her heart. Currently, she is working with BJUP as Manager, Communications and Documentation. In her spare time, she loves to engage herself in freelancing work.

Ashwini Kumar Dubey
Program Manger

Ashwini is a dynamic Professional with over 9 years of experience in the development sector, specializing in liaising, advocating, coordinating, and managing projects aimed at social upliftment. Having a Master's degree in Information Technology, Ashwini brings a unique blend of technical prowess and deep understanding of development issues.With a diverse portfolio spanning livelihood, WASH, health, education, and capacity building, Ashwini has consistently demonstrated expertise in navigating complex challenges and delivering impactful results.With a keen understanding of current development practices and a clear vision for project success, Ashwini has a proven track record of accomplishments in both project management and community engagement. Ashwini's involvement in crafting BCC/SBCC communication materials, case studies, proposals, and process planning documents underscores his commitment to thoroughness and strategic planning. He is currently working with Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP) as Program Manager and plays a meaningful impact in development initiative, bringing energy, and dedication to fostering positive change at both the organizational and grassroots levels.

Kishan Samir Minz
Project Facilitator

Kishan, a determined individual holding a master's degree in Social Work, having over 9 years of extensive experience in various domains such as women empowerment, counseling, mobilization, team leadership, and management. Through active involvement in microfinance, technical support, and e-governance projects, he has acquired practical knowledge in computer applications, showcasing his efficiency in this area. His exceptional analytic skills, problem-solving abilities, and adeptness in database management further underscore his proficiency in the field. With a strong track record in managing and leading teams to ensure successful process operations, Kishan brings valuable expertise in developing procedures and service standards. His excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, along with proven competencies in team management, customer relationship management, and planning, set him apart. Kishan specializes in collaborating with government institutions, focusing on youth development, rural development, and social welfare initiatives. Currently serving as a Project Coordinator at Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad in Jamui, Bihar, Kishan is responsible for overseeing the successful implementation of the Community Empowerment Program

Indrajeet Mehra
Project Facilitator

Indrajit Kumar is a seasoned professional in the field of community development, holding a Master's degree in Rural Development (MARD). With over 8 years of experience, his career is marked by collaborative efforts with NGOs at various levels, spanning local, national, international, and partnership initiatives. Indrajit's expertise lies in strategic planning, execution, and monitoring of projects aimed at fostering holistic community development across diverse sectors including child protection, health, education, social entitlements, family planning, and livelihood. His versatile skill set encompasses training and capacity building, project management, monitoring and evaluation, documentation, reporting, leadership development, and administrative management. Currently serving as a Project Facilitator at Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad and contributing significantly towards community empowerment through his dedicated efforts and expertise.

Anurag Kumar
Project Coordinator-Livelihood

Anurag, an enthusiastic expert in Agriculture and Environmental studies, holds esteemed qualifications from BHU and Nalanda University. His aim is to address pressing agricultural and environmental challenges, steering human progress towards lasting sustainability. Additionally, he is committed to devising and implementing agricultural projects tailored for marginalized and underserved communities. Anurag is currently engaged with BJUP, leveraging a robust three-year background in dynamic communication, thorough documentation, and strategic implementation within the Holistic Rural Development Program (HRDP). This comprehensive initiative encompasses various facets such as livelihood enhancement, education enrichment, natural resource management, healthcare, and skill empowerment, all finely tuned to drive direct change at community, institutional, and individual levels.

Anjani Kumar Sinha
Project Coordinator-Livelihood

Anjani brings a wealth of expertise and educational background to the development sector, with a particular focus on improving skills and managing organizations. His qualifications from Magadh University and Sangai International University, including degrees in Economics, LLB, and Executive MBA, underscore his commitment to ongoing learning and professional growth.Having accumulated 22 years of experience in development work, Anjani began his journey at Jan Jagran Sansthan, Nalanda, where he supervised initiatives such as Self Help Groups, Deep Pariyojana, and skill development programs supported by IL&FS in Nalanda District. Subsequently, as Assistant Program Manager at Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, he led projects supported by entities like the American India Foundation, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank. Currently affiliated with Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad, Anjani oversaw a vaccination program in Bihar before transitioning to the Holistic Rural Development Program.

Satyanarayan Kumar
MIS Coordinator

Satyanarayan Kumar is a seasoned professional in Management Information Systems (MIS) with over a decade of experience in the development sector. He has collaborated with various regional and international NGOs such as Lok Prabhat and Indo Global Social Service Societies (IGSSS). Moreover, he has served as the IT coordinator at the District Education Office Nawada as part of the Saakshar Bharat Mission program. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in History and a diploma in Computer Education, Satyanarayan excels in his role as an MIS Coordinator at BJUP within the Holistic Rural Development Program. He specializes in crafting, implementing, and overseeing customized MIS solutions tailored for rural communities, driven by a vision to leverage technology for the comprehensive development of underserved areas.

Nisha Kumari
District Coordinator Cum Counsellor

Nisha Kumari is a dedicated professional with a rich academic background and extensive experience in the field of social work, particularly focused on empowering women and advocating for human and child rights. Her Master's degree in social work, specialized in women-centered practice from Tata Institute of Social Sciences TISS Mumbai, provided her with a strong foundation in understanding social dynamics and addressing various issues prevalent in society. With over a decade of hands-on experience, Nisha has contributed significantly to diverse areas such as Livelihood, Community Mobilization, Gender Equality, and Addressing Violence against Women. Her expertise extends to combating sexual harassment and advocating for the rights and protection of both children and adults. Currently, Nisha holds the roles of District Coordinator and Counselor at BJUP, where she focuses particularly on children in need of care and protection. In this capacity, she utilizes her skills and experience to provide support, guidance, and advocacy for vulnerable children, ensuring their rights are upheld and their well-being is prioritized within the community and legal frameworks.

Lakhan Mukhiya
District Coordinator cum Counsellor

Lakhan, an experienced Development Professional, boasts over 8 years of dedicated service in the development sector. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Karnataka Open University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Development. His expertise spans crucial areas including Child Rights and Protection, initiatives with School Management Committees, empowering Child Parliament groups, advocating for Menstrual and Personal Hygiene, and facilitating the mainstream integration of marginalized children by closely collaborating with educators. Furthermore, he excels in fostering robust relationships with government officials and NGO stakeholders at the district level. With a wealth of experience, Lakhan has previously contributed his skills and knowledge to esteemed international organizations such as Help A Child of India and World Vision India. Presently, Lakhan Mukhiya serves as the District Coordinator Cum Counsellor at Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad. In this capacity, he concentrates on providing essential care and protection to children in need.

Dinesh Prabhakar
District Cordinator cum Counsellor

Dinesh Kumar Prabhakar is a Post Graduate from M.U Bodh Gaya with a DCA in Computer Application, boasting over 15 years of extensive experience in project management. His expertise spans implementation, planning, budgeting, training, resource mobilization and utilization, as well as networking for advocacy, evaluation, documentation, scheduling, and tracking in various sectors including Health, Water & Environmental Sanitation, Child Sponsorship, Child Rights, Governance, Livelihood Promotion, Education, and Disaster (integrated project).As the District Coordinator Cum Counsellor for Children in need of Care and Protection at Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad, Dinesh plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and protection of vulnerable children within the district. His responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at safeguarding the rights and providing necessary support to children who are in need of care and protection.

Rajesh Ranjan

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Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj Kumar is a Versatile Professional with more than 7 Years of experience in Managing large Seale projects in our organization, works as a Counsellor at the centre for alternative childcare/protection. Innovative progress-driven, Childcare oriented Mr. Neeraj Kumar has background in Computer Application (M.C.A). He has Strong grasp in project co-ordination, Resource management & implementation problem Solving, data management, documentation, Stockholder engagements through proper communication, capacity building of staff are the core expertise he has evangelized his knowledge in holistic child development, Counselling, and women empowerment in our organization.

Suman kumar

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Bharat Kumar Mahto

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Kanahaiya Lal

Kanhaiya Lal holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Karnataka Open University and currently serves as a Project Counselor at Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad in Nawada, Bihar. With a rich background spanning 9 years in various developmental areas such as Nutrition and Health, Livelihood programs for Self Help Groups (SHGs), Education, Child Protection & Rights, Disaster Management, as well as reporting, evaluation, and monitoring, Kanhaiya Lal brings extensive expertise to his role.His professional journey includes impactful contributions to renowned international NGOs like Help a Child of India and World Vision India, where he has consistently demonstrated integrity and respect.