Abhishek Bhartiya

General Secretary cum Executive Director

Abhishek Bhartiya is the General Secretary cum Executive Director of the organization. He is Master’s Degree Holder in Rural Development. This young and energetic chap has the rich experience of 15 years of the developmental works. In a short span time of mere thirteen years as a chief functionary of the organization he took to the new heights to his organization and successfully implemented many projects. Under his dynamic leadership the organization received some awards such as Best organization in Nawada for livelihood promotion. His competencies are in Time Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Process and Analysis, Result Based Management, Resource Mobilization, Situation Analysis and Networking. Due to his efforts BJUP is either in Executive Committee or General Members in important networks. He is the founder member of VISHWASH and NARMADA, the state level networks on Water & Sanitation and NRM respectively. His achievements-: social innovation on disaster toilet models in 2010, attended many national and international workshop on different social issues, very keen to work with grassroot level. He was also the joint Secretary of Bihar Voluntary Health Association a state level network of more than 5 years.

Raushan Kumar

Program Manager

Mr. Raushan Kumar, progress-oriented focused person has over 5 years of leadership experience. He holds his master’s degree in psychology from sobbit university along with a diploma in computer application. As a manager, database management, operations, supply chain management, critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, interpersonal communication skills are the core expertise’s he has replenished. Furthermore, he has amplified his experiential learning through work-related public health such as HIV/AIDS, water & sanitation along with alternative child care. He is an active participant in advocacy - especially in child marriage, child labour, sexual harassment of Child and he is also a Master Trainer with excellent knowledge in JJ ACT, ICPS guidelines and parental skill. He is involved in capacity building of staff through extrapolated experience.

Sumant Kumar Mandal

Finance Manager

Sumant Kumar Mandal, devoted person, associated with BJUP since 2015. He has completed Master’s Degree in Commerce ( Accountancy ) and has more than 7 years of experiential learning in the development sectors with a special focus on the organization financial management and accountancy. His expertises lie in the budgeting, financial, monitoring, documentation and reporting, TALLY – ERP 0.9 and basic computer application. Along with financial management and accountancy, he has diverse experience of working in the major development segments like training, mobilization, capacity building, promotion of ground root institutions, microfinance and livelihood.

Kishan Samir Minj

Project Coordinator

Kishan Samir Minz, a focused person, holds his master degree in Social work. He has over 9 years of experience in women empowerment, counselling, community mobilization, team leading and management with good interpersonal along with abode qualities. He has incurred experiential learning through microfinance, technical support and E-governance projects with efficient knowledge in computer application. His analytic skill, problem-solving, database management make him magnificent in his work.

Rajesh Ranjan

Project Coordinator

Rajesh Ranjan, a committed person holds his bachelor degree in arts. He has rich experience of more than 4 years in public health. Before joining the BJUP, he had worked as an ASHA trainer and district trainer under the projects in National Rural Health mission, now working as a coordinator in HIV AIDS project. He has well-versed efficiency in handling project activities, documentation & reporting, community mobilization, stakeholder’s engagements. He has devoted his service to improve the quality of life’s unprivileged people.

S.M.Arshad Usmani

Out Reach Worker

Mr. S.M.Arshad Usmani a Creative Young professional, holds his Master’s degree in Zoology and has Completed ADCA in Computer Course. I have Competed B.Ed. He has more than 6 years of experience in Teaching And Out Reach Worker. and Other Experience In AutoCAD In 1 Year.

Subhash Kumar

Principal, DITC

Mr.Subhash Kumar is a Diploma in Electrical. He has more than 18 years of experience in technical work. He has a good understanding and experience of handling projects on technical education. He also has good team-building abilities. He is working as a Principle of Devendra Industrial Training Center run by Bhartiya Jan Utahan Parishad.

Neeraj Kumar

Counsellor cum MIS Incharge

Mr. Neeraj Kumar, a progress-driven person works as a counsellor at the centre for alternative child care/protection in our organization. He has completed both his master’s and bachelor’s degree in computer application. He has more than 5 years of experience in child's holistic development, counselling, women empowerment as well as project coordination and implementation. His database management, documentation, reporting, stakeholders engagements and capacity building of staff are the core expertise he has saturated.

Nelesh Kumar Trivedi

Project Coordinator

Mr. Nelesh Kumar Trivedi, a creative young professional having excellent knowledge in computer application with Master’s in Social Work, he has more than 3 years of experience in social sector i.e childhood development, child counselling, project coordination & implementation and relationship building. He has effectuated his efficiency in handling project activities, documentation, reporting, community mobilization, stakeholder’s engagements and improving qualities.

Vijay Kumar Singh


Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh is one of the senior-most staff members of BJUP. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Arts, involved in program and finance management. He has more than 2-decade long experience in finance i.e. management of financial documents and books, management of bill and vouchers, trial balance and BRP. He is also involved in the monitoring and execution of finance report.

Mahesh Kumar Chaudhry

Community Facilitator

Mr. Mahesh Kumar Chaudhry received his bachelor degree in Arts and having more than 16 Years of experience in Social work. In his professional career, he has closely worked in grass root level. Community engagement, awareness drive, counselling, documentation and reporting are the core expertise he has. He has been involved in HIV/AIDS project since 2014.

Birendra Kumar

Peer Counsellor

Birendra Kumar (Peer Counsellor, Vihaan) is working with Bhartiya jan Uttahn Parishad as Peer Counsellor from 2013. He is good in outreach activities and has about 5 years of experience in the area of HIV/AIDS andoutreach.

Keshav Kumar

School Improvement Coordinator

Mr. Keshav Kumar Mandal, a dedicated young professional having more than 5 years of experience in teaching, He has completed his bachelor’s degree in commerce along with DAC, TALLY ERP 0.9 from Delhi, now working as a school improvement coordinator in our organization. Experience in child development, counselling, coordination as well as implementation and documentation make him well versed efficient.

Ranvir Kumar

Out Reach Worker

Mr. Ranvir Kumar is a focused young professional having more than 3 years of experience in the ITI sector with excellent knowledge in Hardware, Networking and advance computer application. He was involved in teaching before joining BJUP. In his 3 years of experience, he has gained excellence in organization management as well as logistic and data management. He is also good at community mobilization, documentation. He wants to fulfil his aspiration to work in social sector.

Rahul Kumar

Out Reach Worker

Rahul Kumar holds his bachelor degree in physics and having a degree of ITI in electrician. He has worked as a teacher in world vision for 2 years before joining BJUP. He has superiority in Identification and management of problems regarding child development, Community mobilization, relationship development, Documentation and Reporting. He has a keen interest to serve grass roots level.

Sunil Kumar

House Father

Mr. Sunil Kumar did his PhD in History with excellent command on teaching, worked as a college lecturer before joining BJUP. Now, working as a House Father in Children Home, Nalanda. He is responsible to handle every child in the child care institutions with love and affection, replenish the supplies in per scale and need of the child, ensuring every children maintenance sanitation and hygiene. Take proper care of the children and ensure their welfare, implement daily routine of every child and look after their safety and security.

Ashok Kumar Giri

Out Reach Worker

Mr. Ashok Kumar Giri, having more than 10 years of experience in alternative child care & protection, working as an O. R. W in BJUP. He has completed his bachelor degree in Psychology. Before joining BJUP, He has worked as a teacher in National Child Labor Project. In his professional career, he has learned to identify and management of child needs, community mobilization, awareness drive to change people's behaviour. His expertise lies in documentation and reporting.

Uttam Kumar Singh


Mr. Uttam Kumar Singh, working as a superintendent in Children Home, Nalanda running by BJUP. He has completed his Master’s in both social work and Arts. He has more than 14 years of experience in child care and protection. As a superintendent, his expertise lies in identification and management child needs, counselling and motivation, adaptability, soft skill development for children, community mobilization and improvement of school initiatives. He has devoted his service to the deprived children.

Ankita Ghanti

Assistant Project Coordinator

Ms.Ankita Ghanti, a dedicated, proactive young professional received her Bachelor’s Degree in Life science. She then Pursued Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management from PHFI. She has experience in health research with excellent command on data analysis and data collection. Currently she is working on projects - HIV/AIDS and alternative child care & protection. Management of project activities, coordination with the multicultural team, critical thinking and problem solving, community engagements, documentation and reporting are the expertise knowledge she has gained and keen interest to improve the quality of marginalized people's life who are left behind.

Annapurna Devi

Out Reach Worker

Annapurna Devi holds her bachelor’s degree in Arts. She has more than 16 years of experience in the social sector, working as an ORW in HIV/AIDS project, she has well-versed efficiency in logistics management of stakeholder’s, community mobilization and documentation. She is also involved in capacity building of the peer educators.

Beauty Kumari


Ms. Beauty Kumari, received her Bachelor’s degree in sociology, having more than 5 years of experience in Counselling, working on the project – HIV/AIDS. She has well-versed competency in risk reduction counselling, conduct and coordinated health education, crisis management, database management with accuracy, empowered community to access services, coordination with the team and implementation of project activities. She has committed to render her service to the marginalized people.

Sanjeev Kumar


Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, has done his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and has more than 7 years of experience in finance management, working as an Accountant. He has contributed to the organization through his skill in management of financial documents and management of all projects financial records, management of bill and vouchers, management of trial balance & BRS and also other admin. management.