For ensuring holistic village development BJUP is working on Community Empowerment Project (CEP) in Bihar and Jharkhand. BJUP is addressing the issues of holistic village development with its consortium partners. These are the four main components of the CEP:

Livelihood: 2,439 households identified during Inception Phase will have increased their income through agriculture, livestock, other alternative livelihood opportunities and mica collection activities.


Access to Quality Education: 100 % children in age group 6 – 14 years belonging to mica engaged family’s will access quality formal education (government schools).


Nutrition and Health of Children and Women: Children and women from the 40 villages will have improved their nutrition and health conditions.

Access to Socio-Economic Entitlements and Strengthening of Local Institutions: Mica collector families have increased access to government schemes through strengthened Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI).



The BJUP is also under “Saving the childhood Project” in Nawada district of Bihar is working on all round development of village. The project goal is improve the lives of Children and Women engaged in Mica Collection in the village by improving their education, health & hygiene and income status. The target groups are – families primarily involve in Mica Collection in the surrounding areas thus lacking on their overall development on the above stated counts.


Following are the strategies adopted in Saving the Childhood Project of the Project

  1. Awareness Generation and sensitization
  2. Environment Building among community
  3. Initiate alternate education avenue in the community
  4. Educating community on the importance of Health & Hygiene
  5. Form and capacitate mothers collective group
  6. Mobilizing government scheme and linkages with the families Social security schemes.
  7. Training and capacity building
  8. Advocacy with the like-minded groups