In the midst of this #COVID -19 lockdown, Children’s in need and Protection are among the most marginalized in society. The present situation poses way too many risks for them. It is not only threatening their health but also disrupting their access to various facilities.

Unfortunately The COVID- 19 Infection is spreading rapidly in the Rural Muslim Community areas of Bihar Sharif block. As Our Organization has been working on child rights and their development from last several year, so by taking cognizance on this, the courtesy of SKN Bachpan & APPI- Bachpan Programs conducted by our Organization, ration of one and half months ( 10 kg flour 10 kg rice 2 and a half kg gram and two and a half kg of mustard oil 2 kg salt potato 2 and a half kg 1 kg sugar 2 kg lentils and everyday essential items like soap, Surf shampoo coconut oil biscuits e.t.c) were distributed among the 125 families of children in need, in 17 slum areas of Bihar Sharif including Baigna baad, Mansur nagar, Jhing Nagar, Ali Nagar, Sorabi par, Choti Takeya, Ganj par, Peepal tar. We also distributed ration among the other sensitive families whose food could not be produced due to the lockdown implemented in the country due to corona epidemic.

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