Bhartiya Jan Utthan Parishad (BJUP) makes a difference to children’s lives in Bihar & Jharkhand through its child protection work. We believe that all children have the right to be protected from abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation so that they can survive, learn, participate, play and develop.

Protecting children from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect is essential for them to enjoy their rights to survival, development and participation. Many children drop out of school because of the protection issues they face and young girls die because of early marriage and other harmful practices. Every failure to protect children has negative effects that continue into their adult life – and also holds back a overall development of society. By contrast, where children are protected, their health, education and well-being are improved as well as their ability to contribute to society as future citizens.

  1. BACHPAN Project:

Keeping above situation in mind BJUP has initiated the project named ‘BACHPAN – Building Atmosphere For Child’s Holistic development Protection & Nurturing (BACHPAN)’ is being envisaged to be implemented in the slum areas of Bihar Sharif town of Nalanda district in Bihar.


Following Children are covered under BACHPAN Project:

  • Kinship Care- without parents but living with nearest relatives
  • Single parent- Living Either with mother or father
  • Independent Living- Not having either of the parents and not even with nearest living but siblings are living alone


2. Children’s Home:

BJUP also runs a Government supported home in Biharsharif District of Bihar. BJUP with the support of State Child Protection Society, Social & welfare Department Govt. of Bihar, started a children Home at Nalanda District. It caters the need of 50 Children. As per the provisions of JJA, separate home is provided for the children in need of care and protection. It is named as – Children Home. Here children are protected from abuse, sexual exploitation, working as child or bonded laborer and drug abuse. During their stay in the children Home, essential services viz food, cloths, health care, education facility, recreation and other opportunities are being provided .The main reason to established this home is to creating enabling family environment for children required for holistic development. The children are supported in restoring their dignity and self-worthiness by repatriating them in their respective family under the activity rehabilitation and family reunification.

Since this centre functions for the protection of children and they are provided in-house support for educational classes, library, and facilities for both indoor and outdoor games. The children are also taken on excursion trip. We enroll the interested children in government mainstream schools.

3. Child Labour

The child labour is often defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development. BJUP is extensively working to abolish child labour involved in mica or Dhibra collection processes through Community Empowerment Project in three districts of Jharkhand and Bihar. The project aims to improve the livelihood conditions of adult in the families engaged in the informal mica collection by increasing their income level (individual and group collectors) and enhancing the education of the children in 40 villages in Jharkhand State (Koderma and Giridih districts) and Bihar State (Nawada district) and also in the slums of Biharsharif.